I heard a man on the radio tonight just by chance talking about how as a teenager and young adult he felt like he was required to be at church every time the doors were open; because it was required of him as a Christian.  Then he realized, the church was a gift and there were no requirements that he be there every time the doors were open.  He didn’t have to be a part of every ministry opportunity; they were a gift.  There were other things he mentioned that we usually put on ourselves or allow others to put on ourselves as requirements of Christianity; but in reality they are gifts.  We can choose which ones to open and our salvation isn’t hinging on it; we’re still Christian.  He said once he realized this, his relationship with Christ became all the stronger because he could open the gifts he wanted and really enjoy the experiences and blessings so much more.  I’m paraphrasing here, wishing I could remember this word for word.  But I think the gist of it was don’t feel pressured just because we’re Christians to do everything, do what you feel led to do and you’ll be free to enjoy that gift so much more!