I have several friends that are using a pretty heavy-duty curriculum and they keep saying that I should switch to it if I want my kids prepared for college.  I’m feeling a lot of pressure to switch but I’m not sure if it’s right for me or my kids.  What should I do?

This is a question that I’m asked a good bit and it’s one that I’ve had to deal with myself.  Peer pressure isn’t just for kids you know!  In my opinion, no one knows yourself or your kids better than you do, so first and foremost you need to do what you know in your heart is best and not give in to the pressure.

Although it may be the greatest thing going since sliced bread, no curriculum can guarantee college acceptance.  Do tougher courses look better on the transcript?  Of course they do.  But you can turn what you’re already using into a tougher course by adding more writing or more challenging reading assignments.  You need to ask yourself a few questions before switching.

Is what you’re currently using working and getting good results?  Are your kids ready for more of a challenge?  Will your schedule allow a more rigorous work load?  Are your kids in highschool?  Do your kids have plans for college that will need that type of prep?  Are you just reluctant to change what may not be working?  Are you just giving in to peer pressure?  Can I afford (in $) to change my curriculum?  What would the real benefits be to my children that they need that other curriculum can’t give them?

Those are the questions that I’ve asked myself before making any major changes to our curriculum.  Changing curriculum can be costly in money and frustration if it doesn’t work the way you hoped.  But also don’t be afraid of change if you honestly need it.  Be objective, but be honest about what is really right for your homeschool. If what you’re using isn’t working then maybe trying something new could be the answer.  But if what you’re using is working, is it worth the switch especially if it’s more than your child or you can handle?