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Believe it or not, I’ve actually talked about this question a lot!  Some husbands are really for homeschooling, some are passionately against it and some are kinda lukewarm.  I’ve found for myself and from my friends as far as husbands go, “The proof is in the pudding.”  In other words, give them knowledge; just the facts and don’t overwhelm them.  Let them meet other homeschool dads so they can get a chance to ask them questions. 

One major thing a lot of dad’s worry about is sports.  Can they play sports?  In our neck of the woods the answer is yes and very competitively.  Find out what sports your kids will be able to play and not just recreation leagues.  Is there a middle/high school team that your kids can play on?  Is it through a homeschool league, private school or does your public school allow them to play?  And yes, homeschoolers are recruited for college by playing homeschool sports or tournament teams.   Our daughter was and several of the athletes from our homeschool athletic association.  Matter of fact, there’s so many that we know I can’t even count them!

What about college?  This is really easy and the answer is yes!  Most of the homeschoolers I know go to college and most have their pick of a few to choose from.  Even my daughter was recruited to play sports at a few!  So, whether it’s academics or sports, colleges want homeschoolers.

Last but not least, take him to a homeschool conference. Attend the workshops for new homeschoolers.  Let him go to the workshops just for dads.  But above all, be patient and listen to his concerns.  Don’t push, decide together if this is for your family, after all, all of your lives will change, not just the kids.