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I’ve been dying for a vacation and it’s finally here!  I really didn’t need to take one, but maybe I really did.  I know, I’ve only got a couple of months left and there are some things that I could use this week to catch up on.  But I’m dying here!  A girl’s gotta have  a break!  All homeschool moms should take a break to prevent burnout and to recharge. There’s a reason private and public school teachers and their students take a spring break.  You’ll thank yourself later! 

Here’s my plans!spring break plan

1. Start a daily workout habit!  Time to kick My Skinny List into high gear!  No more excuses!  See my Blogilates Workout calendar?

2. Try fruit water/spa water.  I’ve seen this all over Pinterest and I’m dying to try it!  Have you tried any flavors yet?  This is my effort to try and drink more water and cut back on the sugary drinks.  We’ll see how it goes!  Send me your recipes and thoughts!

3.  Get house spring ready!  That’s right, I haven’t done my spring cleaning yet.  I’m such a slacker! Hopefully this week I’ll get to do some.  But I’m not going to spend my whole vacation cleaning my house!  What kind of vacation would that be?

4.  Plant garden.  To me this is heavenly and relaxing.  I’m weird, I know it.  I’m good with it!  I want healthy food.  I want to know where it comes from.  I love the pride of watching it grow and then eating it!  Do you have a garden and how does it grow?

5.  Get books to publisher!  Ok, this one might kill me.  I have two books to finish.  One is the revised and much updated “Girlfriend’s Guide 2 Homeschool Conferences & Shopping”.  You’re gonna love it!  Wanna sneak peek? The second one is “Girlfriend’s Guide 2 Homeschool Graduation Planning”.  It’s going to be an invaluable resource for a group graduation planner or if you’re just planning a simple ceremony or party at home.  Can’t wait!!!!  Send me any homeschool shopping tips or graduation planning tips & ideas.  I’d love to hear them.

Well, that’s my plans for the week.  Not to mention enjoying time with my teens and hubby.  Planting a few flowers and what ever else happens to come my way.  What are your plans this week?


Happy Spring Break!

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