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Update!  Well for right now, I’ve had to put my plans to go self-hosting on hold.  But hopefully not for long!  My birthday is just next month!  If you want to know the reason, just scroll down to the comments.  Short and sweet and really cheap just didn’t fly this time.  But that’s ok, because God’s gotta plan!

“I’m moving on up, to the big time.”  (Sing it like the song!)  ha! ha!  I’ve made the decision to move my blog to a new domain and new hosting so I can do more and have even more blogging fun!  My new blog address will be http://www.terahbare.com, well that’s if I can get all of this switched over correctly.  Hopefully my subscribers will automatically migrate over when the blog moves. But if you notice you’re not getting posts, just make sure you’re subscribed when I get everything all set up.

I will say, I’m really excited about self-hosting but I’m actually so stressed about the move and getting everything set up, that I’m actually a little freaked out about it.  Anyone else feel like that?  I’m actually going to be doing managed hosting, so it’s not totally on me at first, but I’m still super nervous.  I’ve been blogging for 4 years now and even though this is an anniversary gift to myself, I can’t get over the nerves of moving my baby.  I’m so weird!

I hope you like the “new” site and I’ll keep you updated on the move on Twitter and here.  Tell me what you think!  Have you gone self or managed hosting?  Was it easy for you?  Was it a good decision?Blog-Signature_thumb.png