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When I took my oldest daughter, Becca, who’s 20 years old, to the doctor on Monday for what we thought was a stomach virus and asthma attack, I got a diagnosis I wasn’t ready for.  Or her!  We honestly thought we would go in, be told to up her breathing treatments or take her inhaler every 4 hours and be given a prescription, maybe, to help soothe and settle her stomach.  We had all had a stomach bug the week before and she just wasn’t getting over it like the rest of us and then she had a really bad asthma attack.  Then the doctor poked around her stomach area and, “Ouch!” “That doesn’t feel right!”  “Ouch!”

Next thing I knew we were at the hospital getting an ultrasound for her gall bladder!  We sat there for a couple of hours just waiting to find out if she was going to have to into surgery.  Thankfully, they were able to send us home and wait for the doctor to call.  She and I were so freaked out not knowing and it was not what we expected for our day.  But some days are like that.  Finally the doctor called!  No surgery!  But she is having issues with her gall bladder.  Something called sludge.  Ewww!  Sounds so gross!

In other words, her virus caused her gall bladder to not work correctly and filter stuff out, so it backed up.  Told you!  Gross!  Apparently, girls are more prone to this in her age range and if you’re overweight that just adds more of a chance of having this issue.  So what is the solution?  Change of diet!  For two weeks she has to go low fat and then for the next two weeks she has to go low carb.  The hope is that this will give her system to rest, clean out and reset.  If it doesn’t then it’s on to a specialist. 

At first she was a little bummed about it and of course worried.  But now, she’s kinda glad that she’s being forced to make a change and to help her out, I’m doing it with her.  We’ve already made some changes.  We are looking very closely at the fat grams on everything we eat.  We’ve switched to baked chips for when we just have to have a chip and lots of veggies and fruits.  She’s reading labels like crazy!  I even bought a new cookbook! 

I’m so excited to try everything!  I’m a Southern girl and this cookbook read like I was talking with cousin.  I love it!   I’ll also be reworking some of my own recipes to make them healthier and I’ll be posting them here when I have them perfected!  Also, we’re really excited because, Hailey Duff, Hillary Duff’s sister (remember her from the Disney channel?), just started her own show on the Cooking Channel and it is really good and aimed at girl’s my daughter’s age.  You have to check it out!

After the news this week, we’re all a little worried about her still, hard not to when you’re a parent.  But, we’re all behind her.  Well…everyone except her brother who says he’s not changing a thing, but I’ve got news for him!  He’ll be eating what we’re eating most of the time or he’ll be going hungry and that boy won’t go hungry!  Lots of prayers for healing and lots of thankfulness that she’s excited about making changes in her life.Blog Signature