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My hubby is an absolute meat and potatoes man and we’re probably killing him with all of the low-fat food we’ve been making for the past week.  I was sure he was ready for some meat and that’s just what we gave him for Father’s Day!  Well, Becca and I were watching Hailey Duff’s new show on The Cooking Channel  on Saturday, called “The Real Girl’s Kitchen” and she was making her version of a Plan Check Burger.  Apparently it’s pretty famous!  Then boom! Like lightening from above, my Father’s Day menu was right in front of us.  We’ll try and make a version of their burger.  Here’s how it turned out…IMG_4298

Doesn’t that picture just make your mouth water?  Now, I didn’t have Wagyu beef like the restaurant, Plan Check, but I did have some really good Ground Chuck that was an 80/20 blend.  Awesome for a juicy burger!  We kept it simple.  Just lots sea salt and lots of pepper mixed into the meat.  We didn’t measure, we just went for it!  And then we fired up the charcoal grill.  There is something amazing that happens when beef hits a charcoal grill.

While waiting for the grill, Becca, made some Parmesan Crisps in the oven.  Sounds kinda odd to put these on a burger, but trust me, they were yummy and super simple to make!  Lightly spray a nonstick pan or use a Silpat liner or put down some parchment paper on a baking sheet.  Shred a fresh Parmesan cheese block right onto it into little piles and bake at 400 degrees until melted, but don’t let it get bubbly, take it out if you start to see bubbles.  Let them cool and remove.  That’s it!  They gave the burgers a creamy taste and when the crisps got all warmed up on the hot burger, they actually softened.  I’ll definitely do them again.IMG_4293     Next, we decided to make fried eggs and crispy bacon to top it off.  Is there anything more perfect or simple than a fried egg?


Then it was time to put it all together and it got a little steamy in the kitchen!


Then our yummy, Plan Check Burger inspiration was done!  Perfection and hubby approved!  IMG_4299And if that wasn’t enough, we made Banana Boats for dessert since the grill was still piping hot!


There was one fail for the night, I’m sad to report.  We did attempt to make the ketchup leather…twice… We came really close, but not quite.  Maybe we’ll try again another day?  Maybe…IMG_4294

I hope this inspires you to try something new, even something that seems a little out there, because you just never know, it could really turn out incredible.  Our burgers turned out so good and they were a great Father’s Day surprise for my hubby!

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