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This was kinda a weird week for us.  I haven’t been to the grocery store in about two weeks, so we just were making due until Friday, when I could finally get a chance to go to the store.  But I will tell you that skimping on grocery shopping brings out your creativity in the kitchen when you try to figure out what to make with what you have left in the pantry! But I did finally get to make it and here’s this week’s menu.


Supper:  Little Caesar’s Pizza!  Yes, we did takeout!  After all of that shopping I was pooped and I didn’t want to cook.  So takeout it was!  Yum!


Lunch:  Farmer’s Day! Our town shuts down and has a big event with lots of food & craft vendors, so you can guess where we ate!

Supper:  Homemade Chicken and Noodles with biscuits and for my hubby, pickled beets.  Perfect supper for the perfect rainy evening.  Usually Farmer’s Day is hotter than Hades, but this year, the weather was unseasonably like Fall.  It was cool and comfortable and rainy.  Really nice, but really weird for us this time of year.  Since it felt so much like a nice Fall day, I went with that theme for supper.  It was splendid! 

Then, the cooking bug hit my kids!  Emily made Sugar Cookie cheesecake bites.  Becca made Quinoa Bites and Spencer go the stuff to make a Buffalo Chicken Dip.  What a yummy night!



Lunch and Supper:  Busy, busy day.  No lunch plans made for today since there’s a ton of leftovers in the fridge from yesterday.  Today there’s church, rehearsals for Night of Worship, then Night of Worship.  What a crazy, but blessed day!



Supper:  Impossibly Easy Cheeseburger Pie and side salad.  Easy,yummy and very retro!  I might have to double the recipe!



Supper:  Baked chicken with roasted potatoes and oven roasted carrots.  (Pics and recipes coming!)



Supper:  Baked Potato bar  with toppings!  Awesome before of after service since I can do the potatoes in the oven or a crockpot. 



Lunch:  I’m going to try my luck making Pretzel Dogs.  Even though I have two teens and a 20 year old, we still like to have fun with food!

Supper:  Sesame Chicken and Fried Rice.  Emily’s favorite!



Totally open!  TGIF!