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Here’s my “New and Improved” Girlfriend’s Guide 2 Homeschool Planning

just in time for the 2014-2015 homeschool year! 

Isn’t it pretty? 2014 homeschool planner cover

“New & Updated!”  New colors and some new page layouts mean this is not your typical homeschool planner! This planner contains lots of pretty pages to organize your school year. The heart of the planner is…

Week-at-a-glance planner pages that will work for any type of homeschool no matter how you plan!

Included on the daily/weekly planner pages are some great tools for mom besides tons of room for lesson planning!

To-do’s and notes

Menu Planning

Prayer Requests

Exercise Log

Need to purchase

Need to record

Weekend planning

Also included in the planner are these amazing pages to keep you organized!

  • Great tips throughout the book for planning your school year!
  • Attendance sheets
  • Field trip planner and log
  • Reading log
  • Course projections page to keep you on track with your curriculum and books!
  • Holiday planning pages that you can use to plan for the holidays and gatherings or to plan for holiday lessons!
  • Calendar considerations pages to help you look ahead and record what will be coming in the months ahead, like sports, co-ops, appointments, to make planning your school year easier!
  • Curriculum Planner to use to record what you’re using for the school year and any information you need to record.
  • Subjects and Courses planner to help you name those classes for highschool or to just make sure you have every subject covered!
  • Classes/Co-op & Extras pages to record and keep up with all those fun classes or activities outside of your homeschool!
  • Goals for the year pages to jot down your personal goals or your children’s goals for the year!
  • Ideas for next year! Ever think of an idea you want to do next year? Jot those down here and never lose your ideas again!
  • A scheduling page that is completely open so you can use it as you like!
  • An Awards & Achievements page to record any special recognition your child receives!
  • And so much more…

Who says homeschool planners can’t be elegant? Pretty graphics and layouts for the homeschool mom! 

Print out the pages that you want to use! 

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