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Just a thougth picTime to check in ladies!  The first week of school is over, done, check that off the list, finished! (Although, some of you have been back it for a couple of weeks Smile)  How did it go?  Was it everything you dreamed it would be?  Or was it a complete nightmare?  Dish!  Mine went surprisingly smooth for once.  I hope that means the rest of the year will be a smooth one, even though we did have to go to the doctor and miss one day already that was completely unplanned.  Darn bee sting!  (Her hand swelled up and looked really bad!  I didn’t know a bee sting could look like that!)  I mean, the past couple of years have been really rough and by golly I’m ready for some smooth sailing!  Man!  I’m using lots of exclamation points in this post! 

I’m going to give you a piece of advice.  It works for newbie homeschool moms and veterans.  Here’s my pearl of wisdom…

Don’t judge your homeschool career based on the first day, week or year of school.  Sometimes things start off really easy and then it gets tough and we freak out about it when it gets tough.   Because it started out so easy that we must be doing something wrong or it wouldn’t be so hard now.  FALSE! 


lt’s so difficult that you think all you’ll ever do is scream at the kids, your home will look like a filthy shack forever, your clothes will be holy and not because they’ve been blessed and your children will tell their grandchildren how horrible you were and the stories of your horribleness will get passed down through the generations so that homeschooling will seem like a curse that mean moms do to their children.

Ok, so I’m being a little dramatic, but eventually there will be tough days, even tough years and there will be great days and days that were just so-so.  And guess what?  It’s ok!  So what if the first week of homeschool was awful?  You have next week!  If went went great, then enjoy it, relish in it.  Because there will be hard days ahead.  If it was just so-so, then breathe.   Be thankful no matter how the week went, that you have those kiddos to teach and you have the opportunity.  So cut yourself some slack!  Now go and rent “Mom’s Night Out” this weekend.  Say it’s homework and you’re worth it!  Enjoy your weekend because school starts again on Monday!

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