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Today, in the drive-thru line at a McDonald’s, someone really got on my nerves.  I mean REALLY got on my nerves!  The line was long, it was past 2pm and Emily’s blood sugar was dropping and she really needed to eat.  I mean, she’s been sick with a severe headache, earache and sinus infection all week and by God I needed to get her food before she passed out!  Ok, I’m a little dramatic, but you get the picture.  Anyway, in front of me was this big, honking SUV (Southern slang here, sorry, when I’m ticked, I have a tendency to go a little redneck speak)  So, what was the problem you ask?  He wouldn’t pull up!  It was finally my turn to order and the guy wouldn’t pull up far enough so I could order!  He had almost a car length between him and the car in front of him.  He had ordered and it was supposed to be my turn.  My turn!  I sat there patiently waiting….waiting….waiting.  He looked in his side mirror and he could see me.  I nicely motioned for him to pull up a little, he just glared at me. So he pulled up a little, just enough to trip whatever lets the drive-thru person know there’s someone ready to order.  But the problem was, I was not close enough to the speaker.  I was a half a car length away and couldn’t order without shouting.  He just glared.  Now, I don’t understand what his problem was, I was nice, I was being patient.  I debated honking the horn, but I didn’t.  I could even hear the grumbling of the other cars behind me because the line was getting long and they were getting impatient too.

Then the drive-thru lady nicely and politely said, “I can take your order! It’s ok, I can hear you.”  She must have seen that the line was backing up behind me and this guy wasn’t budging, but there was no way she could have heard me. I would have had to shout my order and that’s just not polite. I sat there another minute or two and then, I finally lost it!  He looked back again and I looked at him and said, “Can’t you pull up so I can order?  Come on, please pull up!”  (I also made pull-up motions with my hands. Don’t worry, they were the friendly kind!) He was ticked and glaring even more, but he finally moved up and I got to order. At least I said, “Please!”  I mean I had already inched up as close to the guy’s bumper as I could get without actually touching it trying to hint subtly for him to move, but he just couldn’t or wouldn’t take the hint.  Now he had no choice!  He moved!!!! Hallelujah! He moved!  I ordered and he glared.  Oh, well!

Then I got to the window to pay and the girl there, just died laughing!  I mean she had to lay her head down at the window she was laughing so hard.  With tears in her eyes, she told me that was the best thing she’d ever seen at the window!  She could see and hear everything!  I was like, “Oh, my God!  I’m so sorry!”  I was soooo embarrassed!  But she said that she couldn’t count how many times each day she wanted to be able to say that to someone and that I would not believe how many people are that rude and won’t pull up.  She told me that she was very proud of me and thanked me for saying what she only wished she could say.  I was glad to make her day and it gave me and her a really great laugh.  So, that was my Joan Rivers’ moment for the day. Saying what was on everyone else’s mind.

So do you ever have those days when you just want to say something, but you really don’t know if you should?  Could it backfire?  Could it be the best thing you’ve done that day?  We all have them.  We all have those people or stumbling blocks in our days.  Mine was a glaring man, who could have sworn at me or jumped out of his SUV, or etc.  I know, I’m getting a little dramatic again! But, how we handle them says a lot about ourselves.  I could have been really rude or used some not so nice gestures.  But I didn’t.  I was anxious.  I really was.  For some reason, things like this really make me nervous.  Anyway, I had my 16 year old with me and I wanted to handle it with as much grace and class as I could and still let this jerk know that he didn’t own the drive-thru.  Mission accomplished!  So is thinking before you speak all it’s cracked up to be?  For me, today, yes.  Hopefully I can always remember, but I’m not perfect yet!  Today, I moved my stumbling block.  Sometimes we have to be a little forceful, I mean after all blocks are heavy and don’t always easily move, sometimes they need a gently shove in the right direction.

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