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I meant to post this at Halloween, but we’ve been dealing with a good bit of stuff and I just plum forgot!  I’m a little late, but that’s ok.   My daughter, Emily, made this cake and she and her sister, Becca, looked up all the funny sayings on gravestones.  It turned out so cute and they even made a nod to “Pretty Little Liars”!IMG_5207

Wanna know how to make it?  It’s a dirt cake with gummy worms, candy bones and candy tombstones with edible ink!



8 oz. cream cheese softened

3/4 stick butter softened

1 1/2 cups powdered sugar

2 lbs. Oreo cookies (2 regular sized bags)

2 small boxes instant pudding  pix (you can use chocolate like we did or vanilla)

4 cups milk

8 oz. carton Cool Whip

Candy bones, gravestones and gummy worms



Ground cookies (use blender, food processor or put in a Ziplock bag and beat with a rolling pin) and set aside.  Mix butter, cream cheese, and powdered sugar in a large bowl.  In another bowl, mix pudding mix with milk till firm.  Mix pudding and cream cheese mixture together.  Gently mix in Cool Whip.  I stirred it by hand to add the Cool Whip so that it didn’t lose it’s fluff.  Now for the fun part!

In the bottom of your dish, place a layer of crushed cookies and some worms.  Then top with some of the pudding mixture and sprinkle with more cookies.  You should be able to make 2 to 3 layers depending on the size and type of your dish.  End with crushed cookies on top and don’t forget about the worms!

Write sayings on your tombstones, which we got at Walmart and I think they were made by Wilton.  Place your tombstones in to make your graveyard and sprinkle with candy bones and maybe a worm or two.  And there you have it!  You’re very own yummy, graveyard!

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