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I’m a little late with these pictures, but between my husband’s surgery, homeschooling, Christmas play practices and life, I’m lucky I remembered to take them!  So this will be a flashback to my fall and Thanksgiving decorating.  I really don’t do a lot of decorating for fall, compared to Christmas, but this year I went all out for the kitchen.  And if you think you can’t decorate on a budget, then I’m going to prove you wrong!  Let’s start with my mantle in the living room, all of these decorations I already owned.  The only purchase was the candles in a deep chocolate brown.IMG_5545

Recognize the golden pumpkin?  It’s from my “Once Upon A Time” Halloween decorations.  It’s so pretty and sparkly!  A touch o sparkle makes everything better!  Don’t be afraid to reuse a decoration from another place or season or move things around in a new way.  The glass pedestal is an upside wine glass!  They don’t get used much, if ever in our house, so I’m sure it’s happy being used.IMG_5546

I love this quote from Emerson!  I just made this on my Serif publisher program. Quotes are a great way to fill up some space.


Believe it or not, I actually forgot that I owned this!  It was boxed up when we started remolding our kitchen a few years ago.  My son, Spencer, and I found it looking for a bunch of other stuff.  I used to put it on the kitchen table as the centerpiece, but I thought I’d try it out here.  See what I mean about trying things out in a new place?  It works great on my mantle!IMG_5548

I also repurposed one of my birdhouses from spring for the mantle.  It has really pretty fall colors and instead of hanging a really big wreath, I went with a smaller wreath that hangs low.  it’s actually a leaf garland from the Dollar Store that I twisted into a circle and added ribbon to.  But it works great!  Shh!  Don’t tell anyone!IMG_5549

My favorite thing about my mantle has to be this garland.  My kids and I made it a couple of years ago.  We used salt dough and cookie cutters.  It was so much fun and this always reminds me how thankful I am for my family.IMG_5550

Next stop is the kitchen, the heart of the home, especially at Thanksgiving.  This is where I went all out, I even broke out my crystal glasses and bought new dishes just for this post and you.  I absolutely love my new dishes!  They’re so pretty!  My daughter, Becca, picked them out.  I would have never thought about orange and yellow with turquoise blue and brown placemats, but they were gorgeous.  Those swirly dishes were only 75 cents each!  We got them on clearance!  What’s funny is we had to buy one green bowl and one yellow bowl because there weren’t enough of all of the colors, but I think it worked out great!  We alternated between yellow and orange plates.  We literally bought out the grocery store!  Yes, they came from our grocery store!Table 2

The placemats were extra fabric from my new kitchen curtains, which I spent less than $20 on and the napkins were made from new fabric that, with my Hobby Lobby coupon was less than $4!  I just serged the edges, sew simple!  The little Indians were from my kids, another craft project from when they were little. and the leaf garlands came from the The Dollar Store.

fall table 3

All of the flowers in the centerpiece were left over from previous projects and the pine cones were from the yard.  I just baked them, (gotta get rid of the bugs) and then painted them.  That beautiful basket is from my grandmother.  I just recently inherited it. My grandmother would love how pretty it looks.

Fall table

I thought you would like an overhead shot of the basket so you could see how much is going on.  I just love how it turned out!  I painted the pinecones a glittery turquoise, orange and cranberry.  The candle is on an upside down glass candle holder. 

Fall Table 4

Instead of hanging my big wreath on the front door, I used it in the kitchen.  It was so pretty and pulled everything together!


A simple painting of our farm in the fall, a former welcome sign from the front door with some fresh ribbon and a wedding gift, finish out the décor.IMG_5723

I really hope you enjoyed the tour.  This year, I really played with using things that I already owned in new ways or in new places.  It definitely keeps things fresh! 

Check back for my Christmas Home Tour!


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