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vintage mirowaveThis was my Facebook status this morning: Microwave is out….been living like it’s 1970 all over again. Kinda funny though cuz we’ll walk in the kitchen to heat something up and start pushing buttons and realize oh, man! I have to figure out how to heat this! It’s funny!

It’s been a couple of days since my microwave went into a deep sleep of sorts.  The lights are on, but the buttons don’t work.  In short, we can’t use it.  And it’s been a real adventure trying to cook without it.

My poor 16 year old son seems to be taking it the worst.  Poor thing has a near panic attack just thinking about it not working!  I don’t think he can picture cooking prior to every household having one.  He wanted to heat up a hot pocket the other day and had a total meltdown because there was no way of cooking it; or so he thought.  I calmly told him to heat it up in the oven.  You should have seen the look I got.  It was a cross between that’s impossible and are you crazy?  Then I had to give him instructions on how to cook it in the oven.

Now, don’t go thinking that my kid is an airhead (maybe just a little) or that I haven’t taught my kids how to cook!  They’ve been taught and they can really cook some amazing grub, but it’s been an adventure trying to tell them how to reheat things without a microwave.  He’s ready to run outside and get the old one from storage, scrub it and use it.  But I keep putting it off.


The girls on the other hand seem to be handling it just fine.  Maybe girls are just wired differently.  I don’t know.  I’m just glad they aren’t freaking out over it.  They just tease me, because it’s my fault it’s no longer working.  I think I over-cleaned it. Smile

It is funny though, because I have to really think prior to cooking something about how I’m going to do it.  I’ve walked in a couple of times, put something in the microwave, closed the door and pushed the buttons only to remember they don’t work!  It’s frustrating and funny all at the same time.  Thankfully I have vague recollections of when we got our first microwave.  I was so little!  It was such a big deal.  Just turn the knob and push a button and presto!  Hot food!  We still have hot food, but it sure isn’t presto!  All I can do is laugh!